Rage at Me


So bit of a story from last night.  There is a young boy, I reposted on my fb, he is dying of stage 4 cancer. And the Holy Spirit  in me was stirred up…. angry! I was on my way to a late night run to Walgreens to get a few things, and I was so lost in prayer and thought. I unintentionally slammed my items on the counter. As I made eye contact with the teenage cashier I start to apologize. He says to me, ” man I thought you were raging at me. You ok?” I assure him I’m fine, that a situation is consuming my thought.  The post reads how the family is in torment. ( completely understand ) and all the prayer wishes are good.  And all prayers are welcome. (Mine are going out there) But who is doing anything ABOUT IT? I was in my car ready to drives to this hospital in GA and lay hands on this baby and heal him. Who is filled with the Word enough and the Holy Spirit and believes without doubt, to go heal this boy?  I was spurred even more thinking about how docile everyone’s coming off in the named of Jesus. WE ARE AT WAR, AND THE ENEMY LOSES! Do NOT let him trick you into thinking he has victory. HE IS A LIAR. MARK 16:17-18 ….. How do you know a follower of Jesus? BY THESE SIGNS. ABSOLUTELY, yes PRAY. But it’s a combination of many parts. PRAY,BELIEVE, TRUST, POWER. God through you. MATTHEW 22:29 Why do we DO ERR? MATTHEW 21:21 Can we do all things with FAITH yet DOUBT?  Continue that to 22 AND what?  ALL  THINGS, WHATSOEVER you ask in prayer AND believing shall be GIVEN to you. Pray,  seek,  ask, knock…. BELIEVE. .. do not waiver in faith.  My car transmission just went out and I’m not even worried about it. My concern is only about why the Christians today aren’t DOING what Jesus said we are to be doing. FATHER GOD, I WILL!! SEND ME, I WILL!!! Who am I Lord?  I am NOTHING without You Jesus, I’m nothing without You Father God. ALL glory,  praise and worship goes to You God, to You Jesus.



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