When is Enough … Enough?!?!?!

Separation anxiety…… we all have some form of this. Parent’s to their children, memorabilia, collections, etc. At what point is it too much? I personally have direct conflict with “collecting” or “holding onto” stuff. I do not have any qualms with giving away things or throwing things away. For example, there is no need for 35 pairs of underwear and 70 under shirts. Another example; with my kids I keep 2, tops 3, things per school year. I still have strong dislike to holding things more than 3 or 4 years. At some point when does this become hording? I grew up with when a new thing comes in an old thing goes out. Yet, my mom has a legit fear of never having enough food, so in her pantry was multiples of particular items. So much so that canned and boxed things would be expired for years before one of us kids could get it in the trash. Yet getting rid of things is traumatic and usually ends up in a fight. I just hate clutter and seeing things unused just taking up space… which brings me back to clutter. Can be the most frustrating thing….. to be taking things out while someone brings things in.  i am trying to find a balance with this move. And I find myself keep coming back to the questions, is it me? Can I change? Too fast too soon? Am I being accommodating to everyone’s feelings? Merging families, with semi opposites is proving to be challenging. That is also what makes it exciting.


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