Today Not Tomorrow

TNT is explosive. It changes mountains,  and unearths priceless gems. TNT is dynamite and people fear the impact.  The only way to set it off is by FIRE. And no one can survive it’s radius without it forever changing them.  TNT is a force unexpected and way bigger than the package it comes in. TNT is YOU and ME and US. There is untold FORCE and emence  POWER upon detonation. Enough TNT together can shake cities that are far off from its explosion, and can be heard in cities beyond them.  TNT is instant and the impact is beyond repair. That is who WE are.  That is what we do.  Not only as ambassadors of Jesus but as business owners, as parents,  and as friends.  NEVER underestimate  the POWER of TNT. Or assume the fuse is no longer lit. Because when you doubt the severity of a massive explosion you get knocked back off your feet. TNT is NOW.  TNT is YOU. Tomorrow is never promised, You’re next breath isn’t promised. So go out today and be dynamite. Don’t miss a single opportunity or doubt your impact to the lives around you. TNT is Today and Not Tomorrow! ~A.M.~


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