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Shane and I, this was “Our” book in the Bible. God lead us to this book in the very first of our relationship. Still is spot on.

Picture says it “ALL” Yesterday’s Bible Trivia Question: Who was Ruth? Ruth was a woman who rose from obscurity to riches who became the wife of Boaz,

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  1. I love the book of Ruth.
    I had read through it before I am sure of it. One day about 2 years ago I opened up one of my many bible apps on my phone. I just had a small amount of time as I was at lunch at work. I asked the Lord, show me something You want me to see Lord. The particular app I had opened had the books and chapters in a way so that you would spin them until you found the one you wanted to select, if that makes sense. So I just spun it, as I wasn’t looking for anything but just to stop where the Lord would have me randomly read. It stopped in the book of Ruth and in chapter 2 verse 3. I read it and began to wonder why the Lord would want me to read that. What does “glean” really even mean anyway? I began reading some of the verses before and after verse 3. I suddenly became very intrigued. I had recently found it to be rewarding to take a small section, a verse or 2 and really tear into it. Look up words that maybe I assumed or simply took for granted that I knew the meaning of. Most of the time when I do look up words definitions I find much more depth in the verse I am reading. Such a deeper understanding. I found myself thinking about how I wanted to hurry and get the remainder of the work day over with so I could get home and get my real bible with pages opened up to look at these verses again!
    I just suddenly, as I journaled, began to see so much. I read all of chapter 2 and just wrote down so much of what the Lord was suddenly revealing to me that in the past I had just read right over. So much about how the Lord took care of Ruth and guided her paths. So much about Boaz and how a man of such importance and the owner of where she stopped to work. How Boaz just happened to take notice of her. He just happened to stop by there. I mean she had been working all morning, did he always stop there everyday or just happened to that day? I don’t believe in coincidences but believe God had a plan and he clearly shows in chapter 2 of how He guided her steps in order to take care of her. I had such a revelation just in chapter 2 that I would revisit it and share with friends what I saw in it that I hadn’t seen before. They also seemed very interested. (I will say, I didn’t grow up in a christian home or grow up going to church but was drawn in to the Lord by His love, mercy and grace. It had been a long process and sometimes a slow process. Being drawn to Him slowly and having things of our Creator revealed to me here and there.)
    So, at a later time and I don’t remember how, but the Lord ended up bringing me to look at chapter 1. Wow…ok, so I learned more about Ruth and also about Naomi. So I shared again with a friend of mine…I remember telling her that the Lord had taken me back to the book of Ruth. (I would be studying other places in the bible, just not Ruth.) Time went by and low and behold yes, the Lord had me back in it again. Chapter 3 which I needed to ponder on as it was sort of odd to me. Then I had been listening to this christian man who would do small sermons on YouTube. I listened to him often and one day he began doing one on Ruth! REALLY? AGAIN LORD? This man gave me yet another way of looking at Ruth and what she was a picture of and what Naomi was a picture of. Again I shared the new perspective again. Only this time he also mentioned something in chapter 4. You guessed it, I still hadn’t read the last chapter. Certainly not in the recent time period where I had been looking closer to the details of what I was reading.
    So, now I happened to be on vacation for a few days and had more time to seek the Lord a little deeper. I ended up in chapter 3 again and this time I also read chapter 4. WHAT? Ok, I had finished a study on David a year or so before all of the book of Ruth stuff started and totally fell in love with David known as the man after God’s own heart. I learned he was a man far from perfection but loved the Lord and always came back to the Lord humbled and with repentance. I think I always assumed the people in the bible were perfect before this good look at David. I cannot express to you how elated I was when I read verse 17 of chapter 4 of the book of Ruth and for the FIRST TIME I saw that Ruth and Boaz were the great grandparents of King David! It blew my mind of how the Lord continued to bring me back to this book until I saw the whole picture! Everything I had from the first journaling written was so overwhelmingly confirmed! No wonder the Lord had protected Ruth and took her where he wanted and the love shown to her by Boaz and the protection he gave her while she started off simply gleaning from his field! Of course I had to share that with my friend! She grew up in church but hadn’t ever made that connection. She also became super excited about connecting the dots! She also became caught up in desiring to connect even more dots in the beautiful word of God! I cried that day out of overwhelming joy of how the Lord kept lovingly bringing me back to that little book of Ruth until I saw it all. His timing is always perfect. Had I not took it in slowly over time I don’t know if I would’ve absorbed all that is in that book. Again, I know I had read through the book before but never ‘gleaned’ a single thing out of it. NOTHING. Sad right? Praise the Lord God! Yes, Ruth is definitely a favorite book of mine and it is because of my personal walk that the Lord took me on throughout that time period. Holding my hand all along the way! (Sorry this was so long.)

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    1. Love it, God is so good that we cannot comprehend His glory and greatness. As we mature in our faith He gives more knowledge. With knowledge and wisdom comes responsibility. Love your passion and your fire. Look forward to what God is doing in your life.

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