I had a few conversations today that God had messages in. My friend that has a “situation” was at work today. We chatted a bit about things, she had a dream she has yet to tell me about, but  it was good. She read my blog about who do you serve, and she got whatever God has for her from it. How many times does it seem like your bank is against the wall?  How many times do we get consumed in despair? Do we doubt and fear and question?  Holy Spirit said something she needed… “only from the bottom do we look up” ….. she took me off guard worth a big hug. Thank God that He touched her and spoke to her bc it wasn’t me. I barely even knew what I was saying just letting the Holy Spirit take over my mouth.  Later I was talking to a friend on the way home from work. I was suggesting the Christian radio station I listen to. I was explaining how when I first stayed listening I would listen for a while then change back to secular music stations, them go back,  then change again. Holy Spirit dropped it in me about how this is all to often how we are as believers.  We straddle the fence.  That’s not just a bad thing in the eyes of God but in the stability in our lives.  What would happen if you only tuned in and listened to God? Never mind what the rest of the world will think.  Or that they are secular. That life leads down the wide path that many follow.  Watch what you feed your mind and soul.  It is much harder to stay on track with Jesus if you aren’t feeding Jesus to your thoughts or sprit. (Always be careful of who you let feed you though… it may be tainted)


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