Who Do You Follow?


Daniel 12:3 (KJV)
3 And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever.

This came to me while having a conversation worth a body builder this morning. He made a comment about others new to the sport trying to instruct him. Actually, his exact words where, “…don’t try and coach me if you aren’t as strong as me.” God immediately dropped in me…. How often dies this happen in Faith? In churches? Financially? We often find that people that hold titles soak on behalf of things they really have no clue. My heart breaks when I let it sink in. This falls in conjunction worth sobering I call missing the mark, which is coming soon. I have such thankfulness for this morning turning out the way it did. I was reminded of something a pastor said to me once. He said that if I was given a Word from God, he wanted to use it. See I was filming originally to post to YouTube. (Before Shane came into my life) I was taken back! I thought, ” does God speak to you? Aren’t you a pastor? ” Come to find out if you ever tried to show him points of Truth in the Word and his actions. …. well it would end up heated and him concluding with “we’ll see where God leads us.” HAHAHA HA WELLLL DUUUHHHHH.God is in every detail, but also very specific about humbleness, brokenness, and pride!! (1 Peter 1:16) We are to sharpen each other as Christians. YES, you are to take to the side a fellow Christian that is slipping YES! (Leviticus 11:44) We are to bond together and build the Kingdom of God in Heaven. How are we to learn if we are the smartest person in your circle? My point is, don’t fall subject to being hindered by the ones that (1) aren’t TOTALLY scriptural and (2)listen to others that plateau in their walk, better yet backsliding. (Matthew 5:10-12) If God brings you the attention of others it’s SOLELY for HIS GLORY. Stay completely broken and humble before God. After all it’s how so many was cast out worry satan. (Isaiah 14:12-15 and Ezekiel 28:12-15) Where does your faith stand? Because of Shane and the way and what he taught me I can’t turn back. I KNOW what is Truth,  how do I know?  Because God’s Word confirms it. Holy Spirit confirms it. God, confirms it.  Given to me among visions, dreams, and physically scolding me, (A story for another time ) and speaking and dropping things into my spirit. Why follow to talkers and not doers? Those who’s faith, worship, and relationship are not as strong as yours? DO NOT GET IT TWISTED!!! DO NOT BE ARROGANT!! You can learn and be given messages from ANYONE,ANYTHING, at ANYTIME. (Hebrews 13:5-6) Have the mentality of a student. Always be learning. Always seek to know more and don’t be quick to judge youth. Use discernment, wisdom, understanding, and seek the Truth of the Word of God and Jesus. Think about who you listen to. Think of who you allow to guide you. DON’T FALL BACK! If you try correcting a person in love, and they mock or rebel.well, what does the Bible say? (Matthew 10:14 and Luke 9:5) To kick the dust from your feet and move forward. Pray for them and yourself, daily for understanding, wisdom, discernment,and know the POWER of God as well as the Scriptures. (Matthew 22:29) Be a leader but never stop being a student. The only way is to be HUMBLE and broken. Nothing else in the world matters except where you end up.  (Matthew 19:24, Mark 10:25) Don’t envy those on the slippery slop.(Matthew 5:12) Our rewards are in Heaven. God will always supply you with OVERFLOW. Those trusted worth little is trusted with much. Life and life in abundance (John 10:10, Matthew 6:33, Luke 6:38, James 1:17) And remember there is no way that any human can out teach our give better instruction than God,Jesus,and Holy Spirit. (Romans 8:14)


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