I was talking to a friend of mine on my hour drive home from work.  I don’t  mind the drive to the Brandon office a few days a week, it’s  my only time to just be, call people and have adult convo not work related,  praise and worship God, and pray. (Single mom issues) I was discussing Jesus and God and points in life where I’ve failed God, and turned away from Him. I presented something Shane taught me in the form of a question. All too often you hear preachers, pastors, etc day the phrase. “God showed up and showed out”…… I myself am at fault for having this “hype” my “spirituality”. Shane presented it to me this same way,  with ease and love.  When does God show up and NOT show out? I digress, in the morning I had asked another this same question. The response was “God is with us always,  but at times let’s us try and do things ourselves so He is like on standy. So technically He always shows up, and sometimes shows out”. I agreed that God is always with us. He is watching everything we do and knows your heart better than you do!!! I then asked the next question, then why say “when God shows up” ? He is always with us. DO NOT GET IT TWISTED!! God IS always with you. Constantly moving in your life, at times in big huge ways and everyday in smaller scales leading to bigger ways. The saying is misleading, insinuating God either doesn’t show up or doesn’t work on your behalf; IE “show out”. The response I received was “it’s the  cliché”. When did God become cliché? God is Authentic… His Word pure and true. It’s limits Jesus to our way of thinking. Constraining Him to a box that He only sometimes is with us, only sometimes protects, blesses, gives His favor, helps us, etc. My friend in the afternoon listened and I could almost hear the wheels spinning and things clicking. This is prompted an extended thought……. to be continued



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