Thought: Continued



Given the conversation about a cliché quote used by leaders in the Christian world,  there became an extension to it.  My friend had an issue including a broken heart, a broken relationship,  yet God given patience and an outstanding  grip on hope and trust in the Lord. Completely walking by faith.  This has brought so much peace to the situation. And God is already moving in favor of my friend swiftly. Given the circumstances of betrayal and a divided heart, most would walk away.  Most would give up. The world finds it absurd to pray and wait and have patience. And continue to show support and love to a spouse that walked away and chose another. This is where you trust God and go where He leads you. I was reminded of how God is in every single detail whether you walk away from Him or not.  I have done the unthinkable to God. I’ve walked away from Him, I drank, I tried different drugs (never having a vice to any particular substance), I participated in selling random substances aiding others to sin, I spit in God’s face and ran from Him in my teen years though I knew Jesus so intimately   even then.  I became the prodigal daughter. Show up and show out….. I cringe at the words. God was with me when I was faithful and seeking Him. And He was with me when I turned my back on Him. He kept me from hurtng other people, hurting myself, going to jail, or even dying in my sin (leaving me in hell). I came BACK to Jesus at the age of 20. I still struggle with sin and my flesh, I’m not where I want to be in my faith or where I think I should be. …. but THANK YOU JESUS I’m not were I was. THANK YOU GOD for not leaving me there or letting me die there.  If it wasn’t for God “showing up and showing out” every single moment of my life, even when I lost my way and rebelled against Him, I wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t have my kids.  I wouldn’t be standing. God will meet you where you stand if you seek Him in your life.  When your tired of the same routine and the spiraling out of control downward, when you just can’t take that next step, or you know there has to be more to life than this. If you are at these points in your life pray to God. Ask Him into your heart and to take the steering wheel in your life,and actuality let Him. (Hardest part to do is let go) Trust in God’s purpose and plan for you in your life. There is nothing in the world that gives a greater feeling,  a greater happiness, a greater joy,  a greater understanding,  or greater love than following  Jesus.



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