Who’s in the Spotlight


Well,  how do I begin?!?! First I must tell you that I only will tell you the truth. I care about each of you individually as people. (Knowing that most think me saying that is absolutely crazy) God’s Word tells us to love everyone, even our enemies. That doesn’t mean lay down and roll over, you don’t have to accept things that are incorrect. So out of love,  I love you enough to tell you the truth. Most people want accolades for good deeds. Praise for doing right. Recently I saw something that stirred the Holy Spirit in me. I was shown by God instantly the difference  in correct and wrong doctrine between leaders in the Christian community.  A pastor I once followed, posted and requested that everyone change the channel to the news so that we might see how an interview was done about his family adopting homeless children.  The actual act of adopting the kids is commendable and what the Word of God is all about.  They smeared  it by not being HUMBLE. The glory is God’s, direct everyone to Him. The difference what happened and what we are supposed to do is in these 2 scriptures. So don’t take my word for it… it’s  NOT the word of Ashley…. it’s the Word of God. God cannot lie. Matthew 6:1 and Mark 16:17-18. If you seek the praise of men you’ll lose it in Heaven.  How do you know a True follower of Jesus? By the signs Jesus said we should look for to identify one. So there is an evangelist that raised over 300 people from the dead. …. and his fame is hardly on the radar.  WHY? Because his focus is Jesus  and bringing people to Jesus. Do not be swayed, God will bring notice to you and you will get credit where credit is due, but you must ALWAYS be humble before God. Be the fishers of men not the cleaner of fish. In other words it’s our job as Christians, True followers of  Jesus, to tell anyone and everyone about Him. Allow God to anoint you and use you to to bring exquisite  glory to HIM by allowing you to raise the dead,heal the sick, signs and wonders, and MORE. The greatest lie we can ever believe is that a title means correct leadership.  Study to be approved  and ask for discernment. If you know nothing you’ll believe anything. 



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