Tragic or Blessing?

Most people would consider this tire band blow as a misfortune. Wouldn’t you agree? My old self probably would be cursing at the car. Angry about having to change my plans, spend money,  do the labor,  etc. Right now,  I feel BLESSED. THANK GOD this didn’t happen on the highway. THANK GOD I was just pulling up to my friends house.  THANK GOD this didn’t massively blow better yet because I had my kids and their kids with me. PRAISE JESUS for His protection. (Psalms 91:11) God giving His angels charge over me and my family and my friends is constantly in my prayers. Once again God is showing me that He is in EVERY detail, and He is with me.  Think about things…. there is POWER in prayer. Count your blessings,  how many times have you thought  things were just so terrible…. but God was really giving you a BLESSING?


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