Fruit of the Spirit

Can’t say things are bad for God is with me. It took Shane passing for things that he taught me to really hit home. Correct doctrine is the biggest key (Titus 1:9, 2 Tim 2:15, John 6:51) but also understanding.(James 1:5, Proverbs 2:6) God has given me the peace and joy by Holy Spirit (Gal 5:22-23) to handle this time in my life. I am reminded once again how God never fails ( Psalm 136, Duet 31:6), even though I fail Him. Hence why we are to pickup our cross DAILY (Luke 9:23) and to ad onto that ALL DAY. You can drop it at points. ALSO we MUST put on the Armor of God DAILY (Eph 6:10-18). I like to visualize what that would be physically. Think about the protection and the weight of armor, that you also are carrying a shield (Faith) and a sword (the Word of God). Not even just that but we also must pick up our cross. So the weight of that. Shane was a bone-a-fied tested and true Profit of God. Some are mocking him on my Facebook. UUGGG how I distaste Facebook. There is a man named David Hogan have you ever heard of him? He was the only other person on earth the Shane related to and mentored from because they had similar anointing. Shane always said David was his earthly mentor. God Himself was Shane’s mentor stepping out of Heaven for 7 days and spending time with Shane. I want to know God like this. I want to please God so much that He would step from Heaven and be with me. Like Moses….. like Shane. I seek understanding and wisdom and discernment by the Holy Spirit. I seek the POWER of God (Matt 22:29), for Him to use my life for His glory. First I had to be broken to a point of nothing I could do. I lost my Baby, but what he taught me and showed me and spoke to me is ever with me. It’s because of God we met, and because of Shane I am now walking in the Truth. All glory be to Jesus!! All praise and worship to God in the Highest!!!. You are in the will of God when your life reflects the Word of God.(I’ll get into Shane teachings later) We are to DO ALL things Jesus did when He walked this earth AND MORE!!! (John 14:12) Shane loved Jesus so much, he always told me that if we are to be together I must first love Jesus MORE than him. The reality of that didn’t really take root until God took Shane home. I always loved Jesus with all I had and sought Him with hunger most of my life. Correct doctrine and the TRUTH of the Word of God is what Shane taught me as a sought God more and more in my life. But I never was angry with God or upset at Him when He took my beloved Shane. I only Sought to know Him better and closer like my Shane knew Him. I understand why he was the way he was, why he told me what he told me. I understood his love for Christ Jesus and God the Father. God loves him and us EVEN MORE than we could ever love Him. We can’t comprehend God in all His infinite ways and thoughts. (Isaiah 55:8-9) God was, is, and will be forever. He is God he LIVES in the past, He LIVES now in the present, and He LIVES in the future. (Eccles 3:15) Something we can’t wrap our simple minds around is that He is CURRENTLY in the past AND the present AND the future. Nothing we do is a shock or surprise. Because He already been there and is there. Trust in Lord Jesus. Have faith to LITERALLY make mountains move. Psalm 118 keeps coming to mind. If God is with you then who can come against you? (Romans 8:31) In everything we do delight in the Lord.(Psalm 37:4) God is so involved with you that he knows the number of hairs on your head (Luke 12:7, Matt 10:30) and has a count of every tear that fell from your eyes (Psalm 56:8). THAT is how IMPORTANT we are to Him. Can we say that we are even striving to be that close to God and know Him like he does us? Remember God doesn’t have to. He is the Almighty Creator. The Author and Finisher. I AM. He could have easily just wiped us out and started over again, BUT He decided to instead send His Son, His ONLY Son, to DIE for OUR SINS.(John 3:16) I believe and love Jesus so much that I KNOW that I can do all things through Him. I won’t leave this earth until God is done with me here. (1 Samuel 14:8-14, Matthew 19:26, Luke 1:37, Proverbs 3:6, Jeremiah 32:27)


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